Artists Branding

Creating music brands that stand out from the crowd.

Building HIGH impactful brands for musicians

Creating the right brand is crucial, and Ma’ana will help guide and shape your brand from start to the finish. Working alongside you from the very beginning, we’ll help identify your goals and create a brand that’s relevant to you and your ambitions. From finding the right font, creating the right design and logo to photo shoots, our expert team will help create and grow your brand across a variety of media.


EPK for Musicians

An EPK is an Electronic Press Kit. It brings together everything in your brand including your logo, your biography, your music, your press images, social media links and contact details. It will be stylised and designed in-line with your brand guidelines, keeping consistency with the brand throughout.

Bios for Musicians

Biographies – or bios for short – are used to tell your story and introduce you to the reader. They neatly and quickly capture your history and your story, describe your music and chart your career path. And they’re a key part of your brand. Whether it’s a one sentence summary or a 1,000 word epic, we’ll create the perfect bio for you.

Logos for Musicians

As your logo is one of the first parts of your brand to be seen, it’s one of the most important. It should relate to your music, it should be unique and it should be instantly recognisable. It could use your name in a stylish font or it could use your influences to create a look and feel. Ma’ana wil work on the style, design, font and palette to create your perfect logo.

Logos for musicians
Websites for musicians

Websites for Musicians

Your website is where everything comes together. A good website will not only help you connect to your audience, but it can also be a revenue stream through music, merch and tickets and build up your database.


The power of good branding: it makes you stand out, it makes you recognisable and it spreads your musical message faster than you can say Billboard Top 100.

It’s a name, design or logo that sums up your music/personality. Your brand should encapsulate your music, your message and or what you stand for – so that if fans see your logo, hear your music, wear one of your T-shirts, they instantly know it’s your brand. Your brand starts with you – your style, your music, your look and feel. And creating it is easier than you think.

An ideal music brand will consist of a logo, font and palette. It will also include a bio that will tell your story and give you an introduction. You will also need high res images, portrait and landscape at 300dpi. Extra bonus ideas are to have a website and also put all the assets together to create your very own digital CV called and Electronic Press Kit.

Think of Kiss, The Rolling Stones, Wu-Tang Clan or Fatboy Slim. You can instantly identify their music via their brand, their logos, their pictures, their style – and of course thanks to their unique music.

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